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Example Code

entry = customtkinter.CTkEntry(app, placeholder_text="CTkEntry")


masterroot, tkinter.Frame or CTkFrame
textvariabletkinter.StringVar object
widthentry width in px
heightentry height in px
corner_radiuscorner radius in px
fg_colorforeground color, tuple: (light_color, dark_color) or single color or "transparent"
text_colorentry text color, tuple: (light_color, dark_color) or single color
placeholder_text_colortuple: (light_color, dark_color) or single color
placeholder_texthint on the entry input (disappears when selected), default is None, don't works in combination with a textvariable
fontentry text font, tuple: (font_name, size)
state"normal" (standard) or "disabled" (not clickable)

and the following arguments of the tkinter.Entry class:

"exportselection", "insertborderwidth", "insertofftime", "insertontime", "insertwidth", "justify", "selectborderwidth", "show", "takefocus", "validate", "validatecommand", "xscrollcommand"


  • .configure(attribute=value, ...)

    All attributes can be configured, for example:

  • .cget(attribute_name)

    Pass attribute name as string and get current value of attribute, for example:

    state = entry.cget("state")
  • .bind(sequence=None, command=None, add=None)

    Bind command function to event specified by sequence.

  • .delete(first_index, last_index=None)

    Deletes characters from the widget, starting with the one at index first_index, up to but not including the character at position last_index. If the second argument is omitted, only the single character at position first is deleted.

  • .insert(index, string)

    Inserts string before the character at the given index.

  • .get()

    Returns current string in the entry.

  • .focus()

  • .focus_force()

  • .index(index)

  • .icursor(index)

  • .select_adjust(index)

  • .select_from(index)

  • .select_clear()

  • .select_present()

  • .select_range(start_index, end_index)

  • .select_to(index)

  • .xview(index)

  • .xview_moveto(f)

  • .xview_scroll(number, what)