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The CTkImage is not a widget itself, but a container for up to two PIL Image objects for light and dark mode. There's also a size tuple which describes the width and height of the image independent of scaling. Therefore it's important that the PIL Image's are in a higher resolution than the given size tuple, so that the image is not blurry if rendered on a 4K monitor with 2x scaling. So that the image is displayed in sharp resolution on a 2x scaled monitor, the given OIL Image's must have at least double the resolution than the requested size.

Create a CTkImage object:

from PIL import Image

my_image = customtkinter.CTkImage("<path to light mode image>"),"<path to dark mode image>"),
size=(30, 30))

image_label = customtkinter.CTkLabel(app, image=my_image, text="") # display image with a CTkLabel


light_imagePIL Image object for light mode
dark_imagePIL Image object for dark mode
sizetuple (width in px, height in px) for rendering size independent of scaling

If only light_image or only dark_image is given, the existing one will be used for both light and dark mode.


  • .configure(attribute=value, ...)

    All attributes can be configured and updated.

  • .cget(attribute_name)

    Pass attribute name as string and get current value of attribute.